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2024 Severne Gator


The Gator unites the best of wave and race program technologies, offering true crossover performance.

Product Description

Technical prowess meets all-terrain capability. The Gator is the pinnacle of all-round windsurfing, integrating performance and durability. Early planing and easy gybing capabilities are underpinned by a construction that utilise only X-Ply materials, engineered to withstand a wide spectrum of conditions.

The Gator unites the best of wave and race program technologies, offering true crossover performance. With Gradient Panel Technology for optimal load distribution and 3D shaping preservation, you’ll experience improved sail efficiency and longevity.

Xtended Range technology expands wind range at both low and high ends,boosting you with deeper, more powerful profiles, and enhanced skin tension.Unparalleled control and stability.

IT’S RIGHT FOR YOU IF…You want to plane early, gybe easily, and make the most of any conditions onfreeride or freewave boards.


Premium X-Ply materials throughout to maximize strength and minimize weight.

SpiderFibre reinforcements.

Precision manufacture.Gradient Panel Technology – lighter weight, better stability, and increased longevity.

THE FINAL WORD.The Gator does it all. Light in the hands, it’s responsive and highly manoeuvrable so encourages you to progress fast. 100% X-Ply gives you the confidence to push your limits.

SizeLuffBoomBattensWeightHeadRecommended MastRecommended BoomExtension
4.540315652.85FIXEDRDM RED 370Enigma 140Cyclops 36
4.740415852.9FIXEDRDM RED 400Enigma 150Cyclops 24
541816253FIXEDRDM RED 400Enigma 150Cyclops 24
5.343116553.1FIXEDRDM RED 400Enigma 150Cyclops 36
5.543216853.2FIXEDRDM RED 430Enigma 160Triple X
5.743517453.3FIXEDRDM RED 430Enigma 160Triple X
644617953.4FIXEDRDM RED 430Enigma 160Triple X
6.545618853.55FIXEDRDM RED 430Enigma 160Triple X
746519353.75FIXEDRDM RED 460Enigma 160Triple X
7.548619564.3FIXEDRDM RED 460Enigma 160Triple X


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