New Severne PK1 Hyper Review

September 24, 2023 8:13 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Oh we love these times…………. a genuinely NEW product lands from the towers of Severne and we get one of the very first tests of the product.


This time its harness’s……to be specific the ALL NEW PK1. So Severne harness’s have been off the scene for nearly 12 months as Severne changed factories and materiel suppliers. On their return the classic Air still features together with the POD waist harness, but new to the range is the PK1. named after Philip Koster ( and used by him) the PK1 brings in to play a hardshell outer using new lightweight materials that keep the PK1 only marginally heavier than the superlight Air harness.

We now have them in stock and see what Neil has to say about the ALL NEW PK1


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