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August 11, 2023 10:30 am Published by Leave your thoughts

For those who follow all things Severne, you’ll be aware that Severne Harness’s have been missing from the portfolio for nearly 7 months now – why, well its because Severne were sourcing a new factory to make the kit after having a few issues with material failure on the old Air Harness.


This now done, Neil got to see the NEW Air harness and the BRAND NEW PK1 harness this week. Essentially the Air Harness remains the same as the old one but with a much better skin which doesn’t peel. The hook and release system stay the same ( why change what ain’t broken!) and new colourways have been introduced.

The NEW PK1 harness is essentially Philipp Kosters signature harness – its a hard shell, very light weight harness with a little more support than the Air Harness. It uses the same hook and release system as the other Severne harness’s and comes in some cool carbon’esq design.

See the NEW harness range Here

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