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Enigma Boom 160-210cm Slalom V1


(7 customer reviews)

The lightest, stiffest and most durable boom in existence. Available in Wave, Slalom and Formula profiles.

The custom carbon manufacture of the Enigma booms has one main objective; to produce the best stiffness to weight ratio. Unique methods have been developed to enhance the manufacture with every boom built individually with the emphasis on technology, not mass production. ENIGMA Hardware transforms your entire rig; the ultimate combination of lightweight, stiffness, ergonomics and geometry.

Product Description

  • Used by The TOP Sailors the world over
  • Pre-preg carbon construction
  • Lockjaw – The strongest boom clamp on the market!
  • Uni-grip eva
  • 25mm grip for Ultimate moves
Wave 140-190WaveCarbon25mm
Wave 150-200WaveCarbon25mm
Freemove 170-220FreemoveCarbon27mm
Slalom 180-230Race KickCarbon29/33mm
Slalom 190-240Race KickCarbon29/33mm
Slalom 210-260Race KickCarbon29/33mm
Formula 240-290Race KickCarbon29/33mm

7 reviews for Enigma Boom 160-210cm Slalom V1

  1. Neil Greentree

    It took Severne 3 years to design it but when it finally came out in 2014 it smashed the competition into next week. The super slim grip is ideal for small hands and the head clamp works perfectly gripping the mast without drama or sliding. It’s not the weight that’s the key point on the Enigma boom but its stiffness. Aerial moves or getting planing become much crisper as the boom stops flexing and therefore loads of power. I know it’s a lot of money but you will appreciate it EVERY time you use it!

    Very Highly Recommended! – Neil Greentree: Severneshop Team Rider

  2. kevin frost

    So, I got to demo the enigma boom on Sunday at Wells in some pretty extreme conditions. I was sceptical at first because of the high price, but I think Neil’s review above sums it up perfectly. Lovely piece of kit, expensive, yes, but well worth it if you can afford it.

  3. Jonny Utah

    Possibly the best boom on the market. Super strong and weighs next to nothing. It’s a work of art.

  4. Steve Chatten (Team Rider)

    It took me a long time to change my boom from a metal one. The reason was to do with the cost! But now I have the Enigma boom you will NEVER get me back on a metal one. Reason is the stiffness you just get the feel instantly on what the rig is doing. Yes if you can afford one GET it.

  5. Kevin Frost

    Well after many yrs of windsurfing, I finally decided to go all out and buy two Enigma carbon booms from Severneshop. The 150-200 wave which hopefully will get used tomorrow, and the 170-220 freemove which I got to use for the first time yesterday at the awesome Point clear bay.
    So my thoughts. After all, a very expensive pieces of kit. Are they worth it??, well firstly , changed my rig completely. Was using the SV Fox 105 (superb) & the SV Turbo gt 6.5m with an sdm cam. Have to admit, nearly caught me out on several occasions, almost, but not quite going over the handlebars. The response to gusts of wind , emphasised massively. Admittedly, I am a bit rusty this year, but the stiffness , rigidity and weight are all very apparent in a very positive way. Think its going to take a little while to adapt to the instant response of the rig , but have to say, a beautifully finished piece of kit and a joy to use, especially with the reduced grip width.
    Worth it ????
    If you can afford it , definitely.
    Will report on wave boom later.

  6. Kevin Frost

    So finally got to use my 150-200 wave enigma yesterday, in some great but very gusty conditions.
    Firstly, the boom oozes quality in both appearance and feel. Everything just seems to run , lock and click into place effortlessly. Rigged on the gorilla 2 400rdm and SVs1 ,the rig felt beautifully light and balanced in the hand, but have to say , was completely overpowered at times, 5.2m would have been far more sensible.
    The narrow grip and profile is a dream , making everything feel compact and super rigid. Absolutely love it.
    One small bit of advice for anyone considering a purchase. Make sure you get harness lines that velcro up tight enough aroung the boom. Im using rrd lines and they dont. Real pain .
    So overall, best boom I’ve ever used by far, in my opinion. Loads of cash, but well worth it.

  7. Ella (verified owner)

    This boom is amazing. It’s so lightweight and strong that when coupled with a RDM Gorilla mast and Turbo GT I am able to use a bigger sail than usual when using with my dads SDM kit. The wave 140-190 is especially good for smaller hands as I suffer less fatigue when sailing.

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