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Severne Dyno V2


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Product Description

Based on the Severne Nano waveboard, the Severne Dyno V2 brings compact efficiency to the free-wave arena. Narrower, parallel rails and reduced lengths electrify your riding experience in real world conditions.

Faster rocker lines and increased volume under foot make the Dyno super early planing and keep it charging through gusts and lulls.

The compact size enables real use of all that speed – the Dyno is more than just capable in the air, it is a jumping machine. Aerial rotations, freestyle moves and straight up rocket air on demand. Parallel rails are very effective at reducing drag and increasing speed, so it allows the addition of some manoeuvre enhancing tail kick. This makes the Dyno much more than just a bump & jump blasting board – it can drive through turns on the rail, making the most of any onshore or real world waves.

Three fin boxes and multiple footstrap options increase the Dyno’s versatility; Set it up as a thruster with inboard straps for maximum manoeuvrability, or with a single freeride fin and outer straps for pure blasting.

The Dyno transcends the conditions to expand your windsurfing possibilities.

Compared to the Nano

/ Faster. It has flatter, faster rocker to increase speed.
/ Earlier planing. Volume distributed further back increases lift.
/ Light feel. The lower drag reduces the load in the rig, giving a lighter, free feeling.

Compared to the Fox

/ More manoeuvrable. It has more rocker and finer rails.
/ Better jumping. The Nano-like outline with added speed are made for air.
/ More compact. Shorter and narrower.

85 225 cm 57.5 cm 6.3 kg 4.5 – 6.0 2 x 125 + 1 x 210 280 F Series
95 226 cm 59.5 cm 6.5 kg 4.7 – 6.5 2 x 125 + 1 x 210 320 F Series
105 228 cm 62.0 cm 6.8 kg 5.0 – 7.0 2 x 125 + 1 x 230 360 F Series
115 229 cm 64.5 cm 7.2 kg 5.3 – 7.5 2 x 125 + 1 x 250 400 F Series
Specifications subject to change without prior notice. Weight tolerance +/- 6%.

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