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Severne Overdrive M4


  • The OverDrive focuses on maximum reaching speed with increased twist and less back-hand pressure. A lighter weight means improved handling characteristics.

Product Description

A moderate width sleeve, 7 battens, and 3 cams provide draft stability through a huge wind range. Combined with a higher aspect ratio, the Severne OverDrive M4 has impeccable handling characteristics; a lightweight feel, with softer flex.

Smaller sizes (5.5 and down) have 6 battens to increase flex and control for when conditions get extreme.

The OverDrive M4 benefits directly from advances made on the Mach4 development. Higher aspect ratios and increased leverage add to the efficiency. Flow aligned battens further improve aerodynamics. The resulting performance is explosive acceleration and big numbers on the GPS.

The OverDrive M4 can be run on either RDM masts or SDM masts.

Key Features

Monofilm body
Maximum stability and performance

Kevlar x-ply luff sleeve
Minimal vertical stretch with horizontal elasticity

Tube battens
High performance stability

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4.638116463.65FixedSeverne 370 RDM or SDM
5.040216763.85FixedSeverne 400 RDM or SDM
5.541617864.0FixedSeverne 400 RDM or SDM
6.243318674.4FixedSeverne 430 RDM or SDM
7.046118974.65FixedSeverne 430 RDM or SDM
7.848920074.9FixedSeverne 460 RDM or SDM
8.651220875.2FixedSeverne 490 SDM
9.452021875.4FixedSeverne 490 SDM


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