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Severne S-1 2015


The Severne S-1 has always been the flagship for Severne’s materials technology. For 2015 the S-1 has gone next level with the HyperSpider membrane technology. Lighter, stronger and with a new feel that has to be tried to be believed.

A key benefit of the load path membrane technology is the increased wind range. Aligned Technora fibre limits stretch to exactly where you want it. The resulting feel is soft and incredibly smooth whilst retaining the instant response that the S-1 is famous for.

Lighter again, the 2015 Severne S-1 Pro has improved on both ends of it’s wind range: bottom end is better due to the lighter weight and instant inflation of the membrane, and at the top end the increased stability of the Technora web means the sail retains stays in shape. The 2015 S-1 Pro is the ultimate in high-tech, manoeuvre oriented performance.

Product Description

Product ideology

  • Hyperspider
  • Ultralight weight
  • Highly manoeuverable
  • Increased wind range


2014 S-1
The S-1 PRO features HyperSpider.
The S-1 PRO is lighter.
The S-1 PRO has a wider wind range.
The S-1 PRO has increased control.

The S-1 PRO features HyperSpider.
The S-1 PRO is lighter.
The S-1 PRO has a wider wind range.
The S-1 PRO has increased control.

The S-1 PRO features HyperSpider.
The S-1 PRO is lighter.
The S-1 PRO has a wider wind range.
The S-1 PRO is more manoeuvre oriented.

The S-1 PRO has 4 battens.
The S-1 PRO is lighter.
The S-1 PRO has more backhand pressure.


All wave boards

RDM100 – For ultimate performance.
RDM90 – High end performance with increased reliability.
The S-1 PRO is only compatible with RDM masts.

ENIGMA – For ultimate performance
METAL – For high end performance


In a traditional x-ply sail, very few of the fibres are aligned with the load of the sail, this means the film takes the load, this means the film has to be thicker and heavier.

In a HyperSpider sail each membrane is custom built for each sail size and model. Every fibre is aligned along its exact load paths, this mean film thickness can be reduced making a lighter sail.


A web of fibreglass filament that disburses loads across seams and throughout the body of the sail. By using stronger, lighter fibres and reducing sail patching, we can measurably reduce weight and swing weigh and at the same time, increase strength.

3.033314052.5ADJSEVERNE 340 Wave
3.334814252.6ADJSEVERNE 340 Wave
3.535614452.7ADJSEVERNE 340 Wave
3.736614752.8ADJSEVERNE 340 Wave
4.038215552.9ADJSEVERNE 370 Wave
4.239215853.0ADJSEVERNE 370 Wave
4.540215953.0FIXEDSEVERNE 370 Wave
4.740416353.0FIXEDSEVERNE 400 Wave
5.041216753.1FIXEDSEVERNE 400 Wave
5.343217253.4FIXEDSEVERNE 400 Wave
5.543217853.4FIXEDSEVERNE 430 Wave
5.743818053.5FIXEDSEVERNE 430 Wave
6.245818553.6FIXEDSEVERNE 430 Wave
6.746318953.7FIXEDSEVERNE 460 Wave
* Recommended mast lengths are dependent on rider weight: lighter riders may prefer a shorter/softer mast, while heavier riders may prefer a longer/stiffer mast.

Additional Information

Sail size

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Sail Style


Skill Level

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