2014 Severne Sails Land @ Team QSW

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It’s that time of year again – that time where our team riders get their gleaming new sails from Severne.This year has been more interesting than most with a number of changes to the team riders kit they use. This year has seen Neil and Steve review their race sails dramatically, and Neil even reviewing his wave sails too.

We start with Steve:

After Neil and I took a long hard look at how much we really enjoy racing we both egreed we actually wanted to return to freeride sailing on larger sail, which meant ditching all our racing kit. We will probably continue to attend the racing events but race at a more relaxed level allowing us to enjoy it far more. I started with wanting to change my larger boards – I’ve chosen this year to go with RRD Firemoves for my larger boards, something I’m VERY exited about!!

My sails will be Severne NCX 7.5 and a Turbo 8.6. Its because I wanted the lightness of the NCX and the even higher power they deliver for a no cam sail. The Turbo was an easy choice for me as I’ve used them in the past and they deliver great, stable power but don’t weigh to heavy when not planing – something my back will appreciate as uphauling the Overdrives was becoming impossible.

My Wave/Bump & Jump sail continue to be the Severne Gator range. The range has got even better this year with some awesome colour ways to compliment the fabulous wind range of the sail together with the comfortable yet fast performance which suits all levels of sailor and also sailors who want to keep their quiver of sails to a minimum. My board choice was easy – the Fanatic Freewave Textreme 106 and Freewave 85 2013

Andy Holland:

I continue with S1’s for my wave quiver. These sails just keep getting better with wider wind range and even better control for 2014 these are the best sails I’ve ever used…….and I’ve used a lot! With Speed sailing becoming a bigger part of my sailing I have increased my Severne ail range by buying Neil’s Overdrive 7.0R4. I used this sail at Weymouth Speed week and it punches well above my weight. The bigger sails is so I can train at sailing at speed in lighter winds (20-30knots apposed to usual 45knots at Speed events!) in choppier conditions which build up staminar, speed and most importantly, conditions my mind to just ‘Go balls out’.



Neil Greentree:

As above I have completely revised my larger sail and board range. I have chosen the Severne NCX 7.0 and Turbo 8.1. These are to be used on Fanatic Geko’s 105 and 135 which are on our demo fleet and are far better suited to NCX‘s and Turbo‘s.

My wave sails have taken a complete change too – after 8 years of Severne Blades I have chosen to use Severne S1‘s from 4.0-5.6 then a single Blade 6.2 for those lighter wind days. These are to be used with the excellent Fanatic Freewave tri fin boards in 86 and 96 textreme guise. I also have a Triwave 81 this year (smaller than last years Triwave 86) for those ‘big days’. I chose the S1 sails because of the power they deliver, and the better suitability for the Tri Fin boards I now have converted completely to for 2014. ‘I’m a little nervous about the change but my first errr….very short sail on my Severne S1 5.0 felt very very nice…….until the wind dropped!!

Take a look at our sister website www.Severneshop.com for more technical stuff or just to buy some!!!

…and check out this first video of Neil with his new S1

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