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Every so often something a little special comes our way……….. Like the return of the original Big Mac. Arh yes, the original Big Mac – I enjoyed many of these beautiful burgers back in the day when the calories didnt add to my waistline.

And every so often we are served up something a little special in our windsurfing world – The Dyno v1 was a truly seminal board – It re-wrote how a Freestylewave board should behave. With a short overall length, the now trademark deep vee in the hull with chamfered shoulders at the front, all to make the Dyno exceptional inĀ  chop and dependable when jumping. Gybing was super reliable too!!

This board was our Team Rider Neil Greentree’s board and was exclusively designed with the Severneshop logo on the deck – one of only 4 Dynos done in this design. the board is very good condition being the lesser used ‘larger’ board Neul used. Its also fitted with an additional v2 footstrap at the back for good measure. Being that the version 2 Dyno is actually the same shape with updated graphics it just gets better and better for the new owner!

Any Dyno that comes available used, let alone an exclusive one like this is always snapped up quickly, so if you are looking for one of the best alround boards on the market follow the link here:


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