Its Out Within 1 Day – The 2021 Severne Blade Review By Us!

October 24, 2020 9:51 pm Published by 3 Comments

I love it when a plan comes together – after receiving our Team Rider sails only yesterday 4 out of 5 Team Riders got out reviewing today. Watch our first one completed on the Blade sail – its interesting………… very interesting!


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  • Hi guys,

    I just wanted to ask about the crinkles that sails may have in the xply windows.
    Even on a new severnw blade sail, after the first time of rigging/de-rigging, crinkles were caused in the xply, and believe me I was extra careful!

    Is this normal? Can we avoid it or reduce the possibilities to cause such crinkles?


    • Crinkles ar completely normal in Severne sails.The sew lines have tolerances to allow for this but the important thing is not how it looks on the beach but how it performes on the water and this is not effected by the crinkles.

  • Will you be doing a video comparison with the blade pro? How much lighter are the pro s? Is it worth the extra money? Thanks

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