Nano V2 Fin Tuning With Neil Greentree

January 23, 2020 9:35 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Since the launch of the Nano v2 things have not been going quite to plan.for the much reverred wave allrounder. With issues with grip when his board was  used in  its Thruster setup, Neil Greentree decided to drill down into whats happening and publish his initial thoughts and solutions.

Severne to their credit have put it out there that using it in the Quad setup gives more grip but this doesn’t really help users of the Thruster setup.

Neil commented ” Ive spoken to several UK users who are having fin grip issues, and in some cases are blaming the board shape. This is not the case but I do agree the fins do need a couple of modifications. I for one have changed mine to K4’s in several configurations and have achieved a decent level of grip on the board, but my setup may not be for everyone. My advice is play with the fins to find the setup that suits you. But for sure I’ll let you know any further outcomes I find”


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