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In our exhaustive quest to give you guys and gals the best in informed tuition, here is our lastest offering on our tutorial series. I have put together this video on How To Rig Cammed Sails. It focuses mostly on Severne sails as Team Rider Richard Hobson will soon be releasing his tutorial on rigging North cammed sails, but it really shows you how easy rigging cammed sails can be.

So Why have Cams?

Cams are added to larger sails to add stability when planing and power when not. The sails can also manage the windflow far better than rotational sails and allow the sailor to be far more powered and comfortable. Some boards are also designed to be used with cammed sails as they required more mastfoot pressure which rotation sails only have limited ability doing. Nowadays manufacturers make the luff tube more water tight to stop the age old complaint with cammed sails of trying to pull the sail out of the water to waterstart. Boom slot zips are a popular feature nowadays to avoid this.

I really do urge you to try a cammed sail – only a twin cam to begin with as it will be very easy to sail and won’t feel too heavy. More experienced sailors will opt for Overdrives or Reflex’s. Once you have tried one and feel just how stable they are, you will be changing you larger quiver to them. Your cammed sails should replace your freeride sails above around 7.0mtrs depending on your weight, size, and ability but most intermediate sailors should manage ok with a cammed sail.

So try one – we have Turbo’s, Overdrives, and Reflex’s on our Demo van so there is no excuse!!!

Good Sailing


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