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January 17, 2020 11:07 pm Published by 1 Comment



So web are always looking for the next ‘New Look’. And to that end we’ve come up with this……… the SV-T!

This exclusive design for Severneshop was put together to mark the success of the Severne Dyno and the 2020 sail collection. Embroidered onto this good quality T-shirt the SV-T is all about your’s (and our) committment to the sport of windsurfing.

But we need to hear what you think of the design……… should it make it into production as the T-shirt for 2020. We guess price will be £26.99 so let us know on the comments section. If it does make it into our line up 1 commentator will receive a FREE SV-T as a thankyou…..

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1 Comment

  • Anything on the back ??
    Not a bad design Neil.
    What colour you having your walls then .LOL !!

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