NuEvo Bliss vs A&E……… 4 Times!

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So I think we would agree its been a time of ‘wind famine’ this last 2 months!

Little difference to me as I have been fighting an ongoing Severe water infection which I cannot get rid of and we have been extremely busy after the Brexit vote exporting Severne kit to Europe, The America’s and beyond – even Japan! So when the forecast this weekend looked like a proper forecast (28-35mph Saturday and 25mph Sunday) we all on the east coast geared up for a good weekend of sailing. I had been out once on my own whilst having this infection kitted out with a catheter (bloody uncomfortable) and got on Ok but this would be far higher winds and much bigger water state.

Well I went out at Old Hunstanton with my Severne NuEvo 92 and Severne S-1 Pro 4.8. I cannot express just how the Severne NuEvo 92 is a seminal board. Once you get used to the loosness of it, and after I changed the fins for Makani Paranha’s to give a little more grip this board is a really, really good allround board. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to change the fins as the ones supplied are fine but I like the sharper feel and better upwind ability with the Makani fins – try them, you will be mighty impressed for £170!


I finished my sail and then negotiated the 500mtr muscle bed barefoot. OMG! – it was horrible. I had to crawl across it in the end with fellow Team Rider Steve Chatten (who wears boots) coming back to carry my kit for me!. Once home it was time for a pee…….err thats where the fun started. The redness of the urine indicated something was wrong so it was straight up to A&E for some attention. Cut a VERY long and boring story short. My exuberant session had meant the catheter had been biting away at my bladder causing the bleed.

MORAL OF THE STORY: No sailing today for me and a lesson not to sail yet until my additional body part has been removed! That said………… it was a great windsurf session.

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  • Hi mate get well soon

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