Severne Nano V3 – Full Severneshop Review

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                                                                         Severne Nano V3


It was 2018 when we saw the release in the UK for the much anticipated Severne Nano v1, Severne’s second wave board ands it first shape entirely designed in house by James Hooper. This was a big deal as the shape was shorter than any other brands and had what looked like very straight rails which seemed……. well weird at the time. But once it was released we all got a chance to enjoy the ‘New skool‘ feel of this super slashy wave board.I loved my Nano 83 but it had to sailed overpowered as it would fall off the plane super quickly due to its rocker shape.

The Nano v2 came out in early 2020, and I for one was eagerly waiting for the next iteration of this new style of powered wave boards. It came out and after sailing it a few times I, as many others, realised we had a problem. The problem being in thruster configuration it simply had no grip!  – grip that could be manufactured by fitting the quad setup or getting very creative with the fins (see our videos). In quad setup I actually really liked the board although it was quite slow and was slower to get on the plane – but as a wave board it was great……… as a quad.

So I was nervous when the Nano V3 was announced. I felt a name change was due……. but that’s the way it is hey! – So here we present the Severne Nano V3 released November 2021………… and

Initial Thoughts

Well let’s start at the beginning. The board looks absolutely awesome. Im not a big fan of grey on windsurf kit but in the flesh it looks flippin great!. The colours bounce off each other creating a well rounded design worthy of the times and Severn’s position in the market. The board continues to have Severne automatic pressure release valve making travel super simply, not having to worry about how the board will fair. The straps are very well positioned with a wide choice of strap positions for wide or not so wider stance (me). The quality of the straps continue to impress and use the Hex 4 system to fasten to the board easily and quickly.


The Nano V3 has been quite widely reshaped to address the criticisms levelled at its predecessor – early planing has been addressed by adjusting the rocker to create a flatter rear section to boost the board up onto the plane quickly – and it does!. It pops up nearly as quick as the Pyro.

The board clearly knows its key roles – more turnable on the face and to that end the rails are designed to turn quickly but not trip or catch. The board does feel faster but you can tell its a more turnable board than the Pyro and certainly the Dyno.


Severne had to move the production of the Nano to the Cobra factory after they craftily purchased the company who were making Severne boards with their exclusive vacuum construction process, interestingly, the Pyro is constructed elsewhere, and so we will see if they can replicate the quality previously enjoyed by Severne boards.


To sail I really like the NANO v3 – Coz it doesn’t feel just like a Pyro!. It feels much more turnable on the face ~(exactly what Severne tell us it should feel like), but quicker on the plane and much more grippy being only released as a quad – you can reconfigure it as a thruster but you choose the fins you use – Thankyou for listening Severne :-)))



If you want a wave board that is going to spend most of its life in the waves then the Severne Nano v3 is perfect for you. The Pyro planes even quicker than the Nano, and for a high wind allrounder,  I prefer its slightly more direct feel. But for a looser feeling board the Nano  has now found its place in the Severne line up – and with alls things I didn’t like eradicated we really do have a Severne wave lineup to be rivalled!!!

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