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“The secret phone call”

It was a covert phone call from Severne telling me to be at Weymouth in 2 days time in September 2017 which aroused my curiosity. I asked what it was all about to be told that James Hooper – Designer and tester of the NEW range of Severne windsurf boards will be there and that they would like me to meet him.

” Meeting the Severne Dyno Designer”

I was in Cornwall at the time so took the 2 1/2 hour journey to Weymouth and the OTC where I met james. A very quiet guy, but someone you immediately felt knew his craft and the direction he was taking the brand. I spent 3 hours talking, sailing, and socialising with the Guru behind Nude windsurf boards and now who has hooked up with his long term friend Ben Severne to launch what we now know as Severne windsurf boards. Their approach is unlike any other board manufacturer, designing and delivering windsurf boards which have changed, and will change further, what we expect from our boards. Easy to sail, competent at their discipline, but most importantly better quality then the Cobra factory boards 99% of all windsurf boards are made from.

” The James Hooper Interview”

Heres the first film of 3 I made with James – its very interesting and helps you understand why this new direction is great for all Severne sailors for the future.

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