Severne’s Best Kept Secret 2022!!!

May 12, 2022 8:50 am Published by 1 Comment

We all love to get the inside info on stuff thats out there that is simply fantastic value for money. Well this little find certainly is!!


Take a look – then call us to buy one!!


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  • Maiden voyage today for the Alien 145 hd and SV Redwing 1400 foil, powered by the Foilglide 6m v1.
    First impressions, coming from a complete foil novice, first time ever on a foil board and foil, so here are my findings.
    Scary , yes, not gonna lie. Board is lovely and floaty even on inland water as was today. No effort at all put in to reach flight speed apart from baring off very slightly and up she goes . Some crazy take offs with some even crazier dismounts, but two hours in was learning to level the board off during short flights. Opted for the 145 over the more popular 125 purely for a more stable platform and so glad I did. With the weight of myself the foil beneath and the rig ,the extra volume is perfect for a beginner like myself, but incredibly feels like a small board once semi and full flight occurs.
    A long long way for me to go, but the thing that amazed me most about my first foiling experience is the sudden silence and neutrality of the rig once flying. Can see this becoming very addictive.
    Big thumbs up from me

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