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2019 Severne Gator 5.3m

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The last 2019 Severne Gator 5.3m in the purple/orange colourway. Grab this bargain at 50% off!

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Product Description

The Gator resides in the Severne range as their crossover offering, stemming the breadth of likely wind strengths experienced in freeride windsurfing within its fourteen sizes. The term Severne use is ‘progressive geometry’, meaning the Gator’s feel and nature remains consistent amongst the sizes, whereas the outline, batten style and number incorporated is changed to account for the likely conditions encountered by that individual sail size. For 2019 the Gator sees x-ply throughout its panels, with lightweight eM3 x-ply in the upper panels, transparent x-ply in the enlarged window and heavy-duty eM4 in the foot panel. Even as you unroll the Gator for the first time, it is noticeable how tightly it rolls and how physically light it is. Rigged on an RDM Red mast, it is incredibly easy to downhaul, the roller in the tack oriented with the rollers in the extension, whilst the sail possesses very little luff curve. The lower two battens retain plenty of rotation around the mast, and there is even rotation in batten three. Severne pride themselves on making the very lightest handling sails possible, and seem to continually scrutinise every aspect and feature of the sail. So whilst there are the usual established features, such as a seamless foot panel and Spiderfibre tendons from the clew, it is interesting to observe what has been omitted, such as an external abrasion pad on the head of the luff sleeve. Instead, the head is simply finished with a length of webbing sewn around the end of the cap. Are head abrasion pads over compensating and soon to become a thing of the past? Time will tell…


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