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Severne Turbo GT 2018


Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
(1 customer review)

Single / Twin Cam

The Turbo GT utilises cams to enhance foil stability and induce pre-set profile for power and drive through gusts and lulls.

All cams are positioned below the boom to lock the power zone very low in the sail where it can most easily be controlled. Swing weight is also improved by lowering all the hardware and allowing the upper sections to flex and exhaust freely.

The Turbo GT can be run on either RDM or SDM masts. Incredible rotation is the advantage on the RDM mast, and increased stability is the benefit of an SDM mast. Both options will deliver blazing speed, early planing and an ultralight feel.

Improvements for 2018 include changes to the tack geometry to make rigging and derigging even easier.


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Product Description

Key Features

  • Cam freeride
  • Powerful, locked-in feel
  • Positive rotation
  • Lightweight and alive = fast

Upgrades for 2018

  • Improved ease of rigging/derigging
  • Upgraded fittings
  • Single or twin cam
  • Monofilm construction
  • Light weight
  • Effortless rotation


Freeride and Freerace

Ideal for windfoiling

SDM Mast
APEX PRO – For ultimate performance
APEX – High end performance with increased reliability

RDM BLUE – High end performance with increased reliability.

ENIGMA – For the ultimate performance
BLUELINE – For uncomplicated reliable performance

Seamless Head Panel

This high abrasion area is made from only 1 panel and does not carry any exposed seams, preventing any potential weak point in this area. As a result, seam creep and seam-related failure have been eliminated.

SpiderFibre Race

SpiderFibre on the leech of the sail massively increases the perimeter strength and inhibits vertical stretch between the sail panels.

Boom Height Reference

Boom height gauge for ease of reference.

Internal Printed X-Ply

Printing the films prior to lamination with the x-ply gives us the flexibility to use multi-coloured, custom graphics. The print is of minimal thickness, reducing weight and producing a higher definition of colour. During lamination the printed side is placed on the inside of the film so there is no need to worry about wear. Your sails will forever remain looking bright and fresh.

Seamless foot construction

A single panel in the foot area with hidden load patches and zero exposed stitching eliminates seam abrasion and seam creep in this high load area. Maximum durability and minimum weight.

Dropped Clew

The Dropped Clew allows for the reduction of boom and luff lengths; reducing the swing weight, increasing stability and promoting manoeuvrability.

3&4 roller tack pulley

Roller tack pulleys are matched to the sails downhaul requirements and aligned for friction free downhauling and threading ease. Rig your sails with the Severne Hardware Division extensions for function and simplicity.

Molded Soft Edge

With recessed grooving, covering any vulnerable stitching the moulded soft edge encloses the hard edge long the foot of the sail and protects the stitching from wear along the board non-skid.

Thermoformed Tack Fairing

Protects your board from impact and neatly covers the foot detailing. It incorporates the rope stash pocket for easy storage of your downhaul rope.

5.54321753.515FIXEDSEVERNE 400
6.04451833.615FIXEDSEVERNE 430
6.54601853.815FIXEDSEVERNE 430
7.04631944.426FIXEDSEVERNE 430
7.54881984.726FIXEDSEVERNE 460
8.14902144.826FIXEDSEVERNE 460
8.64932165.026FIXEDSEVERNE 490
9.25162205.226FIXEDSEVERNE 490
* Recommended mast lengths are dependent on rider weight: lighter riders may prefer a shorter/softer mast, while heavier riders may prefer a longer/stiffer mast.

Additional Information

Sail size

, , , , , , ,

Sail Style


Skill Level




1 review for Severne Turbo GT 2018

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kevin Frost

    Quick review of the 2017 severne turbo 6.5 & 7m.
    So after using both sails now, I can give my personal opinion of how things went. Firstly, rigging is simple, just follow the instructions for down haul and outhaul tension and the cams pop onto the mast with ease.

    What I will say is, Severne says the Turbo rigs on both sdm & rdm masts. True, but the 6.5m comes with an rdm cam. Spent ages trying to rig it on a sdm 430, just wouldn’t rotate. Just bare that in mind.

    Anyway, once rigged on rdm, it feels beautiful in the hand. Light, balanced, powerful and stable. Have to say, loving the single cam on the 6.5m, giving it just a little bit of profile for low end, dare I say, preferring it over the ncx.

    The 7m has two cams below the boom keeping the power really low down. Used it yesterday, with the 105 Fox, and have to say, rigged on a 430 blueline sdm, never got overpowered once in some big gusts of over 25kts.

    Really getting tuned into these sails now, a real treat for someone like myself who likes performance without the hassle and expense of race sails.

    Definitely recommend
    Kevin Frost

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