COVID Bounceback Unprecidented……..

June 3, 2020 12:40 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

I think there is no doubt that COVID 19 has effected every one of us in some way or other. Everyone has been locked down across Europe and further afar which was something never seen before. So we were apprehensive about what came next at Severneshop……….. we need’nt be. Neil held the fourt whilst lockdown in the UK was in place but we have found that May 2020 has been the busiest period for orders in our history!!!

We have swamped with orders meaning that our usual stocks of 100+ sails has been decimated to under 30!!!. Items we had 5’s and 6’s in stock have been slammed down to 1’s and 2’s!!!. Board sales have gone through the roof with us selling out of all our stock of boards and being forced to source stocxk from Europe. Even then most of the additional Severne boards are sold and no further stocks will be landing in the UK until October 2020 with the 2021 model launches. More stocks of 2020 sails, booms, masts and other hardware is arriving the end of June.

So if there’s something you had your eye on, you really best get your skates on or you’ll have to wait until the end of the year!!

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This post was written by Neil Greentree (Team Rider)

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