Hype Up Your Foiling With The Hyperglide – On Offer NOW!

March 4, 2019 9:31 am Published by Leave your thoughts

2018 Severne HyperglideSo foiling is the new kiting…..which was the new windsurfing back in the day!…. I jest….. foiling is the first big change in windsurfing for nearly 5 years after RRD invented the widebody board. Its pretty easy to learn, you can use existing kit and its bloody great fun!

So here we have the first Gen Severne dedicated foil sail for those who wanna take it a little more seriously than whacking your S-1 on your mast and giving it a go. The Hyperglide is made for foiling which means its leach is tighter to give better control, and a short boom to aid gybing and pumping.

2018 Severne Hyperglide

We have a  very limited stock of the Hyperglide 1 at exceptional prices – so grab yourself a little foiling bargain and get out there grooving!!

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