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So the eagerly awaited Dyno 2 is now here and we have been working hard sending out the first batches of pre ordered boards to their owners. I got my Dyno 2 -85Ltr a few weeks back and have now had a chance to evaluate exactly what its all about.

Well the first thing is (SHOCK HORROR) the shape hasn’t changed…… This may come as a surprise as people tend to think that a board must change its shape if it’s to earn its version denomination. In my view ………. in the words of our 80’s icons Bronski Beat ” It ain’t necessarily so”. This model is essentially a facelift model, a bit like in the car world where the vehicle receives mild shape changes and light cluster mods but basically stays the same. Its so refreshing to finally see that windsurf board manufacturers can do that too – refreshing a board shape and adding features but not totally redesigning the shape.

So what has changed – the graphics for sure. A fresh new look which brings all the latest Severne marketing cue’s into the board design with the Red cut in with SV in white. The footstraps have been updated providing a better grip and comfort using the ‘Hex4’ screw system which I find simply brilliant. The footpads have been mildly updated to give better comfort under foot and whilst sailing. The last thing is they have increased the size of the centre fin from 20cm to 21cm – now thats something I don’t quite agree with but understand why they have done it. The centre fin holds the board in place whilst the user drives against it – this happens more so on a short board shape like the Dyno. So when you first sail it you do have a little slipping (spin out) as you adapt your style to drive more off the front foot. The German market are traditionally very prone to this and I feel the fin increase is to react to comments from this large and lucrative market. But is it necessary – No!. We advise our customers how to adapt and they find it fine within 1 hr or so. Severne I feel have tried to address this issue but I find the bigger fin a little too big and have changed mine back to a Dyno 1 20cm (see the blue centre fin on my pics).

Rumour is a NEW shaped Dyno 3 could appear for the 2021 season debut and I suspect will follow cue lines from the Nano V2 recently released. But to be honest I’m not in a hurry for the Dyno V3 as people love the shape of the V1/V2 – and I applaud Severne for being gutsy enough to keep the hugely popular shape of the Dyno for another season which holds up used values and yet keeps the board looking fresh – well done Mr Hooper for another masterclass in good design!!

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