Jonny ‘Utah’ Seeks Out The 2018 Severne Collection

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I know I know…… it is only half way through 2017 and here we are talking about 2018 Severne gear!, but windsurfing is a fast progressive sport and the Severne brand is constantly testing and developing exciting cutting edge new toys.

Early in May Neil and I joined other Severne team riders at the National Sailing Academy in Portland Harbour.

The meeting was presented Mr Ben Severne in person in a room full of Severne windsurfing equipment and him giving his open and honest view on his new range of kit for 2018. Even though he was slightly jet lagged he talked in depth about Severne’s existing equipment and the exciting new gear they have in development. From the NEW range of masts developed for the 2018 range of sails to the amazing NEW boards he is releasing.

NANO – The all new wave board that sits at the Freewave end of wave boards so its easy to sail and planes super early.This board is being tested by Neil at the moment and his initial reports are SUPER good!

FOX – We now have these in stock and on demo. The board is a Freeride blaster that handles chop and confused water state easily to make the sailor faster and sailing more enjoyable.


Its really easy to understand what makes Ben Severne tick. He is so passionate about windsurfing and is really dedicated to giving us windsurfers the best equipment money can buy. Ben’s idea of a good day at the office is going sailing to improve his sails. He does NOT work on profit margins and balance sheets, or in fact if Severne are the biggest brand out there ( which I think they are by the way in the UK), but simply wants to bring the best kit to windsurfers.

“What can I tell you”

Well we can’t give too many┬ádetails just yet but you can look forwards to brand new boards the NANO,DYNO and FOX details will be on this blog real soon as it is still a bit hush hush! We also got too see 2018 wave sail pre production samples Blade’s ┬áS1’s and the new pro editions…… very cool.

stop press; We now have Blades, S-1’s and NEW for 2018 Freek’s in stock so call us about ordering your 2018 quiver…….



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