Leigh Kingaby Joins Severne UK Slalom

March 16, 2016 6:48 pm Published by Leave your thoughts



I met Leigh Kingaby last year at Hunstanton as he started his BSA charge on RRD sails and RRD boards. What impressed me most about Leigh was that he was the only sailor on the Saturday who bothered to get out on the water and practice! – The reason was because the wind came in at 5.00-6.00AM and so most were still in their beds. Not Leigh, he was out practicing for 2 hrs getting to know the course and wind at Hunstanton.

So Leigh joining Severne UK alongside James Dinsmore ( 3 times UK Champion) in my eyes is nothing but good for Severne, the sport, and the BSA. What was I doing up at 5 O’clock at the BSA Hunstanton event…….. wouldn’t you want to know…..

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