Severne Alien Foil Board Due Later This Year…….

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So if there is one question I have been asked far far more than any other over the last year  – it would be ” When are Severne bringing out a foil board?”

Its a question that I have personally asked the Senior people at Severne and always had the response of ” We will release a foil board when the market knows what the market wants!”……. and I kind of get that. Severne don’t want to be caught up in the fury of making what they think the public want, only to find that the public don’t yet know what it wants!!

So this is why its taken nearly 2 years to develope the Severne Alien Foilboard – not because they spent that time designing the optimum shape, no, they spent that time drinking beers whilst the public worked out what they wanted in a foil board!. And what is that I hear you say – well basically a foilboard which gets planing early at low speed and is quite slow so the rider can enjoy flying it…….. not rocket science….but a lot of other manufacturers have made speed machines the public cannot use – or in our Team Riders case Andy Holland – He screwed up his ankle for 6 months!!!

Social media has been popping out videos of the Oz market using this grey board and red foil and we finally some sketchy details. The Alien will come in three sizes:

Alien 105

Alien 115

Alien 125

Reading thru the secret memorandum sent thru to me by a mole at Severne (not really but it sounds great!), the boards shape is all about easy flying. It gets up foiling early – It takes off and lands softly -The footstraps are more inward for softer steering – Theres volume at the back for uphauling. These all make for a very pleasant flying experience in my limited view.

The Severne Foil (sold seperately is our guess) weill be Low Aspect Foil – This means its wide and therefore easy to get flying. Once up its not too fast so feels comfortable, almost cruisy! Ideal for the light wind recreational foiler.


No prices are available yet but these should be out pretty soon. You can register your interest with us to get one off the first batch to land in the UK later this year.

We will be stocking the 125 and 115 and will have a 125 to demo – orders are open now

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