Severne Nano v2………Alls Well That Ends Well – Part 2

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Hmmmmm……… Have you ever looked forward to your new board, only to find it doesn’t quite deliver what it claims to……….. I have!

Well the Severne Nano v2 has been revealed to the world….. and has received mixed reviews to date. But after first setting up the board as a Tri-Fin, I found myself agreeing with the doubters. Why, well the Tri-Fin setup lacked grip – so much so you couldnt get the board to engage long enough to do anything with it. Read on as the story does have a very good ending!!!

So I started looking for a solution to the lack of grip as a Tri-Fin. It meant a phone call to our very own Team Rider Andy Holland who specialise’s in K4 fins and the way they can improve your boards performance. I always knew the Nano v2’s board shape was sound and it was a case of finding a fin solution. I wanted it as a Tri-Fin as my memories of Quad fin boards back in 2010 were….. well dull, sticky, slow just to name a few problems.

So in video 1 we found a solution to the Tri-Fin issues by changing the Thrusters to Asymmetric Ezzy K4 fins which did improve the grip significantly but the board still felt extremely loose under foot.

So I made a number of calls to Severne people in the know to both put forward the problems and to seek a possible solution to the issue. After talking to them and to other industry Legends, the general feel was to try the board in its quad-fin setup. Uhhhhh…… I hated previous quad-fin setups! – but they assured me changes in fin stiffness and board shape meant the latest quad-fin boards actually have none of the quintercentral ‘Pup’ qualities found in quad boards 10 years ago.

So video 2 and 3 I give my thoughts on the Nano V2 in quad-fin setup. Luckily in the UK the board has been imported by Severne UK with both fin setups as standard ( cute move done Paul Simmonds) so its easy to swap the fin configuration.

And boy does it make a difference – The quad setup is every bit as good as the board is bad as a Tri-Fin setup. Fast to plane, sharp in feel with a sure footed grippy feel. This Nano v2 in the quad setup is every bit as good as I wanted it to be. So it leaves me wondering why it was ever supplied with Tri-Fins. the board is clearly a quad and a very good quad, but Severne chose to release as standard as a Tri-Fin thruster board……..

So watch the videos and be assured the board is excellent……………. just ditch the centre fin!

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