Sometimes You Just get Lucky…….

November 17, 2015 12:26 pm Published by Leave your thoughts


So Sunday was forecast to be a big day for all Norfolk windsurfers with 40-55mph winds and a WSW wind forecast. Steve and I set off for Wells to meet Penny there but on the way Penny called to say there was too much South in the wind so we could go to Hunstanton. I suggested Brancaster as this location has a little more ‘spice’ than Hunstanton which is simply flat water. We took a look and it was cross-off winds but did look very nice. Sadly the consensus was to go to Hunstanton so I abided like a grumpy spoilt kid!

Hunstanton was NOT rockin and there were about 20 windsurfers on the beach all disillusioned at just how bad Hunstanton was considering the forecast. 6.0 mtr sails and flat dull water conditions didn’t appeal to me  so after 5 minutes, and my knowing just how good Brancaster looked, said “I’m off to Branny to take a chance” and swiftly set on my way. I was followed by Tony Burgess, Steve (who was with me), Penny and we mat JB on the way round.

To cut a long story short I rigged my  4.8 S-1 Pro and 86 Fanatic Freewave and had a ball!!!!. Well I guess sometimes the lucky Gods just shine on ya…….

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