The NEW Blade SVS For 2022 – Exclusive To Severneshop

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OK, so a little history lesson …………..


Way back in the early noughties, Ben Severne was busy making windsurf sails for his mates to use in Western Oz. His designs were noticed and he was then given the chance to launch Severne Sails soon after. To rise and rise of Severne Sails to become the biggest windsurf brand in 2020 is in no part down to his drive and passion for designing the best quality and lightest windsurfing kit out there.

Severneshop, and more importantly, Neil Greentree began his journey with Severne Sails back in 2006 and has used every model of sail in the range since then, boasting one of most rounded and exhaustive knowledge bases in the world. The relationship with Ben was brought ever closer by Neil introducing the new concept of YouTube infotainment media, aiding in getting critical information about the products to the customers and then  both Neil and Ben collaborating together on these videos such as the Fox, RDM mast range, Nano and Pro Series sails.

So it’s no surprise to hear  that Ben Severne and Neil Greentree are working on an exclusive Limited Edition SVS Blade  sail range for 2022which will ONLY be available from The NEW range is based on the Std 2022 Severne Blade but has been tweaked to incorporate features unique to the SVS. The importance of this new range cannot be understated as this kind of close collaboration has not been seen before with the brand.

Neil, Severneshop Global Sales Exec and Principal Team Rider commented ” We at Severneshop have been working with the guys at Severne on this project for a number of years, starting with the concept of an exclusive SVS  (Severneshop Initials – Ed) range of sails to begin with but with the possibility of extending this range to include Carbon Booms, Masts and Even boards maybe at some point. We know what our customers want in a sail and have worked with Severne to be able to launch the SVS Blade. We are so honoured to be given the chance to offer an exclusive sail for our global clientele – it really does reflect the closeness of our relationship with Severne Sails ”

Firstly the sail sports a delicious ‘Revolution Orange’ colour scheme which looks great in rendered form but looks stunning in the flesh says Neil Greentree. “We went through several other colourways but the Revolution Orange really stood out amongst other sails on the water. This is exactly what we wanted the sail to do”.  The sail also has a unique and bold SVS Logo on the monofilm really does make it clear its not just another sail.

All SVS Blades will come with a 3 year limited warranty – this is an extra 2 years warranty over the standard Severne Blade range giving the customer even more peace of mind when using the sails performance and underpins the quality of this exclusive NEW sail.

The sail will come in 3.7, 4.2, 47, 5.3, 5.7 and will be arriving in the UK Early November 2021. Prices will be the same as the Standard Blade and Pre orders are being taken now exclusively at


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  • High,
    I’m very interested in a new Severne Blade 5.3. -2022
    I’m living in Belgium, but goes also a lot to El Medano‍♂️Where I have a lot of material
    Could you give me the exact netto price for a sail delivered in Belgium or at Duo Tone El Medano

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