Tiree Chronicles – 2021 – A Windsurfers Guide

October 18, 2021 10:00 am Published by 4 Comments

There are a few locations around the world we would all like to visit as epic windsurfing locations. But few would  know that the UK hosts one of the very best windsurfing locations in the world – The Island Of Tiree, off Scotland.

This location offers every kind of windsurfing from full on high wind wave sailing to beginner bays with shallow water. Take a look at my quick vid on what it’s all about.


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This post was written by James Connor


  • Really good video of Tiree Neil, cannot wait to go back

  • Looks a nice spot but its the drive that puts me off.

  • Kev it’s no worse than a 3 hour drive to Gatwick, waiting there for 3 hours then a flight and a transfer to wherever you are staying and you can actually fly to Tiree. And the scenery on the way is stunning. To be fair it’s not the Med but you can take your own kit (not on the plane).

  • Oh Kevin………LOL
    It’s all part of the adventure. You should come with us as you’ll love it. As Penny said, it’s much less hassle than any International travel just now.

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