The 2022 Severne S-1 Review Finally Breaks Cover

February 8, 2022 11:19 pm Published by 2 Comments

It was March last year when I was first told about the specs and colourways on the forthcoming 2022 S-1 models as I deliberated over the design and colourway of the 2022 Severneshop SVS Blade sails. So it feels like Ive been waiting years for the 2022 product to arrive in the UK.

But arrive it did just before Christmas and within 15mins of opening the bag I had posted a video giving my initial thoughts on the Severne S-1 2022. Over the last 4 weeks the wind evaporated in the uk and all of us had to patiently wait for a decent forecast to come to give us a chance to test and review this much underrated sail.

So we finally got out this last week in some proper conditions from 4.4 to 3.6 – perfect to match it up with the Nano 87 v3 and have some fun.

So what do I think??

Well firstly for many years Ive felt the S-1 four batten allround sail, which has a slight ‘manoeuvre’ bias, is really under rated – by that I mean that it just doesn’t get the digital or analog editorial space it deserves! – when I asked why? – The reason……coz the Blade is such a strong seller that always gets chosen. Now I dont know if that is a bad reflection on Severne for only sending the Blade to reviews, or the magazines for only allowing 1 wave sail in its tests…………. probably both are partly to blame!


Who cares…..lets be clear the S-1 is a VERY competent sail for Bump & Jump as well as waves. Its 4 batten configuration delivers less mastfoot pressure – a trait becoming more important these days with multi-fin boards which need less mastfoot pressure to ensure early planing. The second factor is its slightly higher centre of effort which pulls you very slightly onto your feet which makes manoeuvres easier.

So Ive used the S-1 (firstly in ‘Pro’ spec) since 2013 and have no intention of going back to Blades. Why – well they weigh less than the Blades which I really like as aerial maneuvers are faster and simpler. The downside is that with 4 battens the sail sizes are closer together because the S-1’s wind range is smaller than the Blade.

The 2022 seems to have more skin tension which I love – this makes the sail feel even lighter as the sail moves the captured air around it quicker. The sail feel sharper and well ‘more alive’. I get asked an awful lot ‘Whats the difference between xxx year and xxx year??

Lets give you an idea – Ben Severne openly admits that he aims for a 10% increase in quality and a 10% increase in performance (through a decrease in weight or other design remit) year on year. So if you have a 3 year old sail you can expect a 30% increase in performance on the latest design of that model. So after 5 years you will benefit from a 50% increase in performance on your previous sail…………. a ‘no-brainer mi finx’

Looking round the 2022 sail, and after using it some 7-10 times I really feel theres been a step change up in quality for 2022. Seams look better sewn, panels look bonded better, the sail feels better made!! I also feel that the case for buying Pro sails is a really weak one now….. the weight of a standard model is light enough not to justify the extra £500 per sail you would spend on a Pro sail. This is the main reason we no longer hold the ‘Pro’ sails in our store since 2020.

Sailing the sail it feels every bit that familiar feel of the Severne S-1 Ive loved for 8 years now. Yes its slightly altered over the years, feeling sharper and lighter, but the easy handling of the S-1 remains the same throughout the years. The way you use is different to say a 5 batten sail – getting planing involves sheeting out, standing up and pointing the board WELL off the wind and opening the sail until the boards moving – then you gently sheet in and hook back across the wind. Sounds comlicated buts actually very simple – unlike a 5 batten sail which you can just bear off the wind, sheet in and drive off the fin!. The S-1 is more delicate…..more agile with the inputs the sailor gives it than most other allrounder sails on the market.

So in my opinion this wave allrounder is just getting better with age – its time it was given a little more credit by its maker……… a little more editorial by the magazines and testers……and a few more sailors to give this plucky little sail the garage space it most certainly deserves!!



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This post was written by James Connor


  • Ive been using the S1s for 6 yrs now, and have to agree with Neil. Love mine for bump n jump, small waves and high wind sailing. I’m using 2019 and 20s and over the yrs can definitely feel they’ve gotten lighter and better over that time.
    Power wise, can’t fault them, for a 4 batten sail, these things aren’t sluggish either , with good top end, but as Neil said, they’re not happy on a downwinder, but then again they’re not designed to be.
    Use mine with the G2 mast and enigma wave boom, so lovely and light on and off the water with great centre of balance. My personal quiver, 3.6 to 5.6m, , favourite 4.8.
    Would definitely recommend ,even more so if you’re using a multi fin board, perfect match.

  • hi, I really like the s-1 but also the blades, I’m interested in understanding in the range of small 3.6-3.7 sails which of the 2 severe sails (s-1-blade) can better handle the difficult side-off conditions with the wind strong and gusty? we know that 5 batten sails certainly have a wider range and that they hold up better in gusts but this should work from 4.2-4.5 upwards, however having 5 battens in a small sail like 3.7 or 3.5 would not be more nervous and stiff than the s-1 which has 4? Some time ago I read a test in a magazine where different sails of different brands were tested in the 3.7 size and they wrote that the blade in that size was too difficult to manage, nervous and they definitely recommended the s-1, obviously using the 3.40 mast. What do you think?

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